Fecha Celebracion: 12/04/2024
AZKEN EGUNAK/ÚLTIMOS DIAS: ENLIGHT's Matchmaking Event and Early Career Researchers Leadership Training (29-30 April)

ENLIGHT's Matchmaking Event and Early Career Researchers Leadership Training (29-30 April)

The ENLIGHT Matchmaking Event is an excellent opportunity for researchers to forge thematic collaborations across our universities. This event offers significant prospects for collaboration and networking with fellow ENLIGHT researchers.

Explore ENLIGHT Matchmaking Tools: Discover and leverage the powerful ENLIGHT matchmaking tools designed to enhance your research collaboration experience.

Boost Visibility: Elevate the visibility of your teams, labs, and projects within the expansive ENLIGHT network.

Expand Connections: Strengthen your connections with fellow ENLIGHT researchers, fostering a collaborative environment for future projects and initiatives.

Identify Funding Partners: Uncover potential partners for joint funding projects, laying the groundwork for successful collaborations.


Register via https://www.b2match.com/e/enlight-rise. On b2matchplatform you will be able to follow the pitches during the event, set up one-on-one meetings with other participants, look for funding opportunities and post advertisements for finding collaborators. 

If you are interested in pitching at the event, please reach out to your institutional contact by 15 April (enlight@ehu.eus)and inform them about your preferred session. Please provide pitch slides by 22. April. Download the template slides


Participate in a focused event tailored for Early Career Researchers, addressing leadership and networking from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

A workshop will be carried out by Juko-Mart Kõlar from the University of Tartu with a practical case study on navigating the complexities of building and managing a diverse team in a fiercely competitive landscape. He will outline strategies and techniques for fostering an environment where every team member comprehends their role in achieving objectives and where efficient coordination mechanisms are ingrained in the daily culture.

Register separately for the Early Career Researchers train via our online form. For any question about the event, please contact silvester.krcmery@uniba.sk